It all started wITH FREE LUNCHES...

After losing their 8 year old son to Leukemia, Osvaldo and Maria Luisa Recalde decided to escape the noise and busyness of Asunción and moved to the tranquil town of Quyquyhó, about 4 hours away. They wished to live secluded, peaceful lives. But soon after arriving in Quyquyhó, they discovered that many families in that town struggled to provide for their children. So they opened up their home and offered free lunch and breakfast to all the kids in the community. At one point, they were feeding 120 children per day in their comedor (commisary). 

Maria Luisa and Osvaldo Recalde

Maria Luisa and Osvaldo Recalde

English missionaries, who had been friends with the Recaldes for a long time, saw the need in Quyquyhó and established Operation South America (O.S.A), a fully registered charitable organization that exists both in the UK and in Paraguay.  With the support of O.S.A, the comedor was able to feed hundreds of kids for many years. As time went by, the Recaldes started receiving children who were not only hungry, but also vulnerable, having come from very broken families. 

The Recaldes felt called by God to transform the comedor into a Girls' Home. With O.S.A's backing and the Paraguayan government's approval, Hogar El Puente was established in 2008 and to this day continues to care for and provide for vulnerable girls. 

Since 2012, Friends of El Puente have come alongside Operation South America  to support the work they are doing at the Home.

When I grow up I want to be in the military. I love to smile. I love to play. I love to have friends. I will always try to be happy. I will always try to not have an unhappy face.
— Ilve María, 6 years old.

El Puente is now home to 22 girls. It's located in a large property in the center of Quyquyhó. It now also has its own classroom, computer lab, dental clinic, vegetable garden, chicken coop, playground and orchard.  

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